I just got back from a week in California. For the first 6 days it was just me and Espen, I dragged him all over the place from the LaBrea Tar Pits to the Santa Monica Pier to a swap meet in Torrence and the Fashion District in DTLA. The weather was gloomy the first couple of days but really started to heat up by the time we left on Sunday. So I started out in pants and jackets and ended in teeny shorts and a crop top. Crazy weather.

Sunday//Drive out from AZ to CA
Tank: Old Navy
Shorts: American Eagle
Shoes: Nine West-Get used to these

Monday//La Brea Tar Pits/Dinner at Malo
Zip Ankle Pants: Old Navy
Button up: H&M
Faux Leather Jacket: Target
Shoes: Nine West
Bag: Block and Battaglia

Tuesday//SQIRL/Santa Monica Pier/The Kitchen
Dress: DIY Made this one for my recent Mexico trip
Kimono: One Teaspoon
Shoes: Target
Bag: Block and Battaglia
Puffy/Red Right Eye: Had a hair stuck in my eye for 2 days.

Tuesday//Birthday dinner for a friend at Little Dom’s
Dress: Old Navy
Jacket: ASOS
Shoes: Nine West
Wednesday//Swap Meet
Jeans: Seven-10 years old
Tank: Made by me
Shoes: Nine West
Clutch: Block and Battaglia

Wednesday Night//Dinner at Bulan
Dress: Made this dress before dinner
Bag: Block and Battaglia
Heels: Target

Thursday//Huntington Beach
Dress: Another dress I made while on this trip

Black Tank: ASOS
Shorts: Target
Kimono: Made this one out of a scarf Friday morning
Clutch: Block and Battaglia
Shoes: Nine West

Sunday//The Waffle/Drive Home
Cutoff Shorteralls: Thrifted
Crocheted Crop Top: Target
Shoes: Nine West
Clutch: Block and Battaglia

**Saturday was spent in a swim suit**
**Clearly, I’m obsessed with those Nine West shoes**


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