Last weekend was one of those nothing fits me, nothing feels cute kind of weekends so I busted out the tried and true t-shirt and jeans, my ‘go-to’ casual outfit.

Selling real estate means lots of driving, standing, walking, crouching (for lockboxes) and sometimes scaling a wall. (I’ve done that twice now) It means walking through dirt, gravel, being in homes with no AC and sometimes digging up pavers to reset them to pass an FHA home inspection (I’ve done that, luckily only once).
When I have those nothing fits me, nothing feels cute kind of days when I have to meet clients I have a few ‘go-to’ styles that always do the trick… and I apparently have a ‘go-to’ color too. Blue, who knew?


Left to right//
\\Button up and denim. I like my button ups loose and I typically tuck in the front to elongate my little shrimp legs. Jeans: Express Button up: H&M Shoes: Nine West
\\Fit & Flare. Anthropologie has this style down to a science, I can walk in grab any fit and flare in my size and I know it will always fit perfectly and ALWAYS makes me feel super cute, especially for my body type. Anything cinched at the waist and with a bit of flare makes me less concerned about my Sir Mix-a-Lot lovin’ backside. I’ve made a few Fit & Flare dresses myself, both fitted with a zipper or with an elastic waist, I’m working on perfecting it so I don’t go completely broke thanks to Anthro. Blue Dress: Anthropologie. Heels: Express
\\Black Peplum. Again, cinched and flared, peplum makes me feel girly and cute. I have a difficult time wearing pencil skirts, they always shift upwards as I walk and I have tried MANY sizes and styles…nothing seems to want to stay put. That’s what I love about this dress, I get to have the look of a pencil skirt without it riding up and the peplum flare grazes that bit of my bum that I feel needs to be hidden, at least when I’m with clients. Black Peplum dress: Anthropologie Black Heels: Aldo
\\Circle skirt and loose fitting top. Like the Fit and Flare dress, a circle skirt is something I can toss on and it instantly lifts my spirits, but you have to be careful because depending on the weather, a gust of wind can really lift your skirt! Blue Skirt: Target Top: Ann Taylor LOFT Shoes: Nine West
\\Button up and denim, take 2. This look I straight up stole from the Duchess of Cambridge. I saw her wearing a similar outfit a couple of years ago and I still wear this look all the time. Jeans: Express Button Up: Old Navy Shoes: Express



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  1. July 24, 2013

    Love your writing style! πŸ™‚

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