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A few weeks ago I mentioned to my boyfriend that I want to try to go a whole month without using any hot styling tools which for me means no blow dryer, flat iron and curling iron. I love my hot tools, they save me time and I have perfected my go-to looks but my BF gave me a ‘ya right’ glance and it was right then that I said, that’s it, I’m going to do it…or not do it. And to take it a step further I decided now would be the perfect time to stop using store bought shampoos, conditioners and styling products, you know, right during the busy holiday season. The timing kind of sucks but I honestly don’t know if there is a good time to transition from shampoo to no-poo. ¬†Also, my goal here was not to see how long I could go without washing my hair, I like clean hair and with hot yoga I have to wash my hair often. The goal for me was to eliminate ALL store bought products so everything I’ve been using have been all natural products, most of which I found in my kitchen and mixed up by me.

Hair type: I have chemically treated/bleached hair with some subtle natural wave. It’s very, very dry and I’d say it’s typically not to oily.

I tried a number of different combos of ‘shampoos’ and ‘conditioners’ but I think I tried them to early on in the process while my scalp/hair has been transitioning. I don’t think my transition process has really been any different from others that I have read about but here is what has really worked for me the past few days…(I am now 24 days in)

Simple shampoo and conditioner. That’s it. To cut down on the massively oily area on the back side of my scalp I’ve upped my baking soda to water ratio a bit and when I use my Apple Cider Vinegar rinse I only apply it to my ends! If I drench my scalp with the ACV rinse my hair looks and feels weighed down. So I literally dunk the bottom half of my hair in the glass of ACV & water. I’ve also found that adding a few drops of essential oils helps especially with the ACV, by the time my hair dries the ACV is hardly noticeable.

So 24 days in and my hair is still not feeling that great, I’d say it feels like day 3 hair that I’ve sprayed a ton of dry shampoo in, you know that chalky, almost cakey feeling although it’s not nearly as slick and oily as it was that first week and if I brush it out it will turn piecey in a matter of minutes…it’s just a totally different look than what I typically would have but I like it!

I’ve also now gone 23 days without store bought face wash, body wash, lotions and perfumes or toothpaste. I’ve made my own various mixes or sugar scrubs, essential oils, coconut and jojoba oil for my skin and baking soda for my hair and teeth. I’m not sure if it’s psychological but I feel better, like fresher or lighter or cleaner…I’m not sure how to describe it and at this time I have no desire to go back.




This photo was taken in the evening, which is why my hair looks a little more golden as opposed to the photos taken in natural light, above.